May’s Marathon Diary

In February, when I was asked to run in the new RunLiverpool Marathon, October seemed a long way off.
Now with the training programme about to kick in, I wondered if I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Yes, I’ve run the London Marathon, but that was a few years back – so when I found myself shivering in Birkenhead Park on a cold March Monday,
I was beginning to have a serious wobble!
Luckily Richard, my marathon trainer soon swept away the cobwebs with a brisk walk and jog around the upper and lower parks. Aside from being horrified at being made to run in the rain (straighteners at the ready, once I made it home) I soon started to enjoy myself, with Richard suggesting repetitive two-minute runs and one-minute walks to build up my stamina. My legs were burning but it became easier the more times I did it.
Our second session saw us head out of the Park and up to New Brighton. Running on the streets is very different experience, with lots of obstacles to contend with, including the four-legged variety that thought it was great fun to follow us, barking all the way! It was when we reached the
waterfront of New Brighton that Richard dropped the bombshell that he had entered me in June’s Mersey Tunnel 10k as part of my training preparation – more pressure – great!
I’ve now roped in my best mate Anne-Marie to train during the week with me. She’s just signed up to take part in the race, (along with another 10 willing friends and family!) and we’re supporting each other, determined not to let the other down.
Though it’s early days, a good thing to come out of these initial sessions is that I’m becoming more aware of how my body works and learning what it will or won’t do. I’m also drinking loads more water, as I want to get some goodness in my body – OK, the desire for a glass of white in the evenings is still there, but my willpower is getting stronger.
People even are commenting that I’ve lost weight and I feel way more active than I did on that chilly first morning back in the Park!Onwards and upwards!Suzanne x

Suzanne Collins is an ambassador for the RunLiverpool Marathon,
which takes place in the city on October 9, and will be running for her chosen
charity Diabetes UK.

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